The Right unites to fight to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee  that he wouldn't have wanted. Antifascists use violence to resist those promoting violence. Sure punching Nazis seems like fun, it is not very creative. Absurdism and satire may be a better approach.



Robert E. Lee on Civil War monuments.         Trump and the White-Nationalist code.


Sean Patrick Nielsen (WVTF/Radio IQ).         David Duke,        Ronald Reagan.


Blood and soil.     No Nazis.      False equivalency.        We are Alt-Right.


Justice delivered.     Unite us.     They hate dishonest people.     I hit them.


Jews will not replace us.      HATE.       Hatred and violence has America.


Killing Jews.     Donald Trump is evil.       Condemn Obama.      Anarchists.


Honest media.         Antifa.       Punching Nazis = fun not creative.     


Thanks to WTVF/Radio IQ, PBS Newshour, MSNBC, Brennan Gilmore (filmed car attack).


He's broken me.


Space.     Trump Repealcare.          Death.


I sold the universe to a wealthy Russian once.    


Putin likes Trump.      Ready to lie.      Sell the lie.       Pin Hands.


 Give Trump a chance.     Pre-existing conditions.    Welcome to the Trumgle.


It is disturbing to feel the pull of the impending political crisis on one’s attention. Every attempt to turn one's attention away for any  length of time fails. It seems like we’ve entered a transitional time and the outcome(s) could be dire. Looking away feels like complicity.

Russian interference: not just smoke. Comey's firing. Putin’s disinformation technique.

Trump and Russians. Trump’s attraction to powerful men. The Big Story.

Russian relations. No Fuzz. They’re laughing at us. Punch ladies in the face.

Firing history. Russians very powerful. Am I stupid? New FBI director.

Never stop fighting. American anger. Wreak the world.

Russian uniform. Illegal. Look at how I give up. Bad situation.

Pence really bad. Give up.

Sources: Late Show with David Letterman (NBC), Executive Session (WMNF-88.5 Tampa),
CBS News, Lester Holt NBCNews, On Point
with Tom Ashbrook (NPR), The Minutemen-Paranoid Chant.


Foundscape #8.  IRS Scammers, wrong numbers, marketers, soundboard girls and confused women provided the grist for the Foundscape mill.


Get arrested on serious charges.       Call from Mom: my bowels.          I'm not sorry.


Don't be a statistic.         Don't get arrested.            Press 9.     


Siri: the Third Density.       I am a real live person.         Hang up.


Bad Connection

One of the greatest benefits of doing this podcast is I get to take potentially annoying data from ordinary life, be it political phone calls or -as in this case- a need for some technical support, and play with it. It goes from being an irritation to a source of inspiration.


Report a problem.        Support.            Need a new battery.         


Verify.          Fredericks Inc..       Hear the crackling?           Blame me.


Aw right, all right.      Blah blah.       I wanna mislead you.       


You're being recorded.      Fantastic.    Goodbye.



Everytime I post an episode, I feel like I'm abandoning it rather than finishing it. This one in particular. Trumpian intrigue seems unending. Sure, he's president and we should be paying attention to what he says, but what he is saying is mostly absurd. What are the tweets and Sean Spicer distracting us from. Today, Spicer labeled Propublica, one of the best investigative groups working in the English language, "a left-wing blog." What is the administration attempting to hide? I'll give you my answer in collage form.


Business with the Russians.       Very interesting fascists.       Fascists to the forefront.      


He's not joking.        Russian connections.       Hold on, butty but.      


I'm afraid to understand intellegent crickets.       I have connections.


Seems like I'm answering facts.          I'm a fascist.


Trump Sessions

Take disinformation, distractions and falsehoods run them through the Mind Thing and something resembling truth emerges.


Do your job.        Gotta work it.      Ranting and raving.         Good at sucking up people's money.


The leaks are real.       FOX and Friends: Good drug-dealers.         Incredible racist.


The "Fake People."      Gout.        Horrible agenda.         Nuclear weapons.          Chaos.


Bad dudes.       Sessions, Franken and the Russians.       Mike Flynn.      Wrestle the truth.


Nothing to love.      The leaks are real.      The wall.      Fighting the NEWS.   


Truth not Trump is the topic this episode. As the most ubiquitous member of Trump's lie machine, I'll focus on the Mistress of Misdirection Kellyanne Conway. There are some encouraging trends emerging and we'll take a brief look at some of them.


The victims of the Bowling Green Massacre.                  Truth.                Predictions from Fantasy World.      


Tabloids: The Nation's Subconscious.              Factchecking Fredericks.           


 Kellyanne and Jake Tapper (CNN).


Skillful evasion.          The media wakes up.           Kleptocracy USA.           


Trump's aspiration: Vladimir Putin: Most powerful man in the world.


Talk about fake news.        Haters in the Hate-Hole.            Spicer babble.




Not as jaded as I feared, because when confronted by the introduction of a  blatant authoritarian kleptocracy, I do feel quite disappointed in many of my fellow Americans. More than likely we'll survive this final kick from the dying horse of amoral capitalism.


President Carnage.         The hypnotist's spinning wheel.        What the hell is going on?          


Alternative facts and fake news.          The Bully (thanks Masha Geseen). 


 A warning has been issued.             Ay.                         


Narcissistic personality disorder.                      The use of vagueness.       


Illusion.          Punish the powerless.    


Bomb and ban policy.            Charlie the Plumber.         Power.       


Let common-sense talk on the phone.               Take heart and look to the sun.


Thanks to ABC and NPR for the audio clips.


Help Me

During times of stress, there's a natural inclination to turn to God, religion, a higher power. I found Pastor John. Working on this did make me feel a little better. Praise him.




Pastor John Kilpatrick.            Glossolalia.           Revival, come to America.           Shabababababbah.


Hey!         We are protected.             Yahyahyahyahyahya.        Help me.


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