I am a registered Republican and, this being primary season, I've been inundated by political phone calls.  I decided to take stuff that could have been annoying and turned it into a podcast.

Scandal/Lie/Scandal.     Gary Democrat.     Help.     How stupid.     Rachel the Republican.     Didn't leave the right number.

Sorry I'm not Nokia.      Tatyana.      Making a better zero.      Republicans For Property.       Vote for me.

Stay Republican and cause difficulties voting.      Congressman Grayson: What America needs right now.     Gary Property Appraiser.

Fight.     Michelle the Republican.     Goodbye.


The Democratic National Convention gets run through the mind thing and comes out sounding quite similar to the Republican convention. Featuring John Allen, Hillary Clinton and Barack "Democrat" Obama.

You will fear us.             President ISIS.              Unruly together we can all crash.             She knows criminals: Donald Trump.

America has lost.          Fear Clinton's election.             Fight people.               Gary Democrat soundscape.

Thanks to the STA Network for the clips.  https://www.youtube.com/user/STAclips


Reality denied at the Circle K.         Baseball bat deaths.           People kill people.           Suicide.         Fracking earthquakes (facts don’t matter).

Denial of causation.         What ever happened to pollution?             Trump supporters true motivation.          

 Andrew Sullivan from New York Times interview July 29, 2016


Law and Order

I tried to avoid it, but the Republican National Convention was omnipresent. This is  one of my takes on it.

Get on your knees.       Fighting.     Stop it!     Assured with violence.      LAW.     What difference does it make?

Hillary Clinton must be punished.     America must be punished.      You're the problem.     No Hillary, no problem.

Radical vision.    

(Special thanks to Diamond Reynolds for her recording of the officers who detained her.)

Cast of characters (roughly in order): Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Laura Ingraham, a little Bernie and Hillary sprinkled in.


Fredericks Foundscape #6 is composed (primarily) of unsolicited messages combined with captured ephemera, a skipping Miles Davis record and some stuff from Negativland via the Free Music Archive.

Hello.    Trump has proven nothing.     County sheriffs are in the area.

Ooww over Let Me Die In Your Footsteps (thanks FMA and Negativland).   

Thank You God.     I have Trouble,        I am a real person.         Siri cheese talk.        Oh.           Invalid entry.

You'll never hear from me again.


Here's part two of our recent virtual gathering.

Does Gary know Tom exists?            Prince/celebrity overdoses.              Keith Richards' secret.              Opioid addiction.

Jazz talk.         Cat penises.         David Tepper exits New Jersey and Mike doesn't care.           What about that Whopper?     

Weather talk.            The long goodbye.


Tech problems.            Old Homes week.         Mike joins the gig economy: Looking for scraps.             Doomed!

Radio Silence A.K.A. P.F.O..     The Dark Web.     Fan malfunction.      Dougald gets a job.         Canadian politics.

Mike on artistic process and product distribution.          Fan mail.         Best Show returns to form.     Half Hour of Power.



Sonic Verses

Foundscape #5  I know it's a day late but what can be done?

Listen to your neighbors.          I know two people.             A.P. Mike re: internet.     Listen!    

Tomorrow's your day.              Rhythmic breathing.


As I hope you are aware, there is a group of computer scammers from India who make calls claiming to be from Windows Computers. They try to give you instructions that will grant them access to your computer. They then lock you out and charge you to regain access.
I've been waiting for awhile to get a chance to interact with them. I kept them on the phone for approximately 14 minutes and 28 seconds.
I figured as long as I kept them on the line they couldn't target anyone else. I recorded the call and gave it my patented Fredericks treatment. At the end I've included a shortened version of the original call.


I’m Lost

Fredericks Foundscape #4.  This time I've combined the sounds of birds, my van, phone messages, air travel (including crying babies) and some IRS on-hold music.


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