This was a fun one. We talk about  gas leaks, cars, boxing, Beetlejuice and Fleetwood Mac. Mike talks about priests and pornography, bachelor parties gone bad and the infamous Four Loko episode of the Best Show.

Stan’s gas leak.     Andy Breckman: Doofus.       Brian’s having a good day.     


Car talk with A.P. Mike.       The drive to nowhere.       Human dreck.


Mike’s work situation: Notes written in red crayon.     Boxing and Beetlejuice.


Chicago talk with Cory.   Google Dougald one of us.      Fleetwood Mac.


Corey tells a radio story.       P.C. Mike thinks writing an oral history seems easy.


Andy Kindler hates atheists.     Massa’s movie talk: Dr. Strangelove.   Patton Pending.


Best Show non-update.     Priests and Pornography.    


Jerry Lee Lewis ruined Mike’s friend’s wedding.  


The Four Loko episode (Hodgman was faking).    Playing games at Massa’s.


Book talk (Marilynne Robinson).     Beetlejuice revisited.


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