A disgruntled Tom Scharpling, still sworn to silence, types like a madman to our (mostly) merry band of Skypeteers. Various members of the chat read his texts. However, due to the weight of the responsibility, the burden gets passed around, frequently.

Movies at Massa's;    Racism;    Marshall MuLuhan and the MGs;    Don Imus;    Racism;    Andy Warhol;    Muscle Maker Grill;    

Circle of Madness;    It ain't easy carrying the Devil's pitchfork;    Puppet Talk;    Corporate food talk;    Movie talk;    Music Talk;    

Podcast talk;    Psychedelics;    Rogue Best Show boards includes Chinatown On Trail;    Best Show deep history.

Note: the weird layout seen above is an attempt to get it to read better in the iTunes feed. Let's see what happens.

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