When addressing misinformation in the modern world there really is no clear place to start documenting it. Nor does there appear to be any end to the ...View Details

The United States is being rocked by a combination of a deadly virus and mass protests against police violence. The police response to the anti-violen...View Details

Not A Doctor

I've put two months into this one, yet it feels incomplete. The fire hose of events we are experiencing is nearly impossible to stay on top of. This e...View Details

Since my last episode the president was impeached by the House, but found not guilty by the Senate. Apparently, he was guilty, but not guilty enough. ...View Details

Facts Mean Nothing

Started this episode the first week of the new year. "Finished" it in the third week. Didn't mention Lev Parnas simply because I had to draw a line so...View Details

Just Noticed It Is Over

The madness is unending and I am finding it impossible to to keep up on a day to day basis. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.   I hate senior ci...View Details

It Is Not A Witch Hunt

Robert Mueller spoke to Congress recently, although it doesn't seem that recent. I read the executive summaries and, apparently, so did Garry Trudeau,...View Details

Ignorance Is Pervasive

Ignorance is pervasive in the age of information.     Dan Rather: Rational people don't understand Reagan.        Myth, storytelling, deception.     I...View Details

A Phone-centric Foundscape. Guaranteed 95% Trump-free!     Hello.     See you at the rally.         Get arrested. Kindly press One.      I got your vo...View Details

Trump, God and guns: if they love them, you can't reason with them.     Overthrow the president.         What do you do with kooks? Snakes.       How ...View Details

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