The redacted Mueller report has been out for a couple of weeks now. Here are some early takeaways from it.


The Russians interfered in the 2016 election.     Russia is waiting.


The media were right about Russia.            Not collusion/Just working together.


To exonerate or not to exonerate.     A nice Comey dinner.       Dealings in Russia.


Maybe confuse people.      I'm a very smart guy.      Fake media did too good a job.


Judge Andrew Napolitano regarding Trump and obstruction.       Turned around world.  


FOX News.        Twelve ongoing investigations.        Hold on!




Where is the Middle Ground?

For two months, I’ve been struggling with this topic and as I prepare to post this episode, I don’t feel I’ve reached a suitable conclusion.
Emotion and reason don’t have to be at odds, do they? Mustn’t there exist a middle ground where two sides can reach a compromise? Is compromise possible if one side claims to hold certain ideals and values and then casually discards them as the political winds change direction?
Is a fruitful conversation possible when one party argues disingenuously?



Quote from Daniel Patrick Moynihan.           Quote from Ronald Reagan.     

Arms for hostages.      Facts and evidence don’t matter.           The emotional response.

Deciduous values.          American Conservatism is not based on politics.

Two sides of Lindsey Graham.           Nicole Hemmer- Miller Center.

Where's the middle ground with racists, anti-vaxxers, flat-Earthers, man-made climate change deniers?

Science is a conspiracy.             How to negotiate a compromise.

Over the last month or so, I captured several interesting callers to a couple of my favorite News/discussion radio programs (Radioactivity and Executive Session) on WMNF in Tampa, Florida. I took those calls and added some recent comments from the President, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch (from CNN), ran it all through the mind thing and here's what emerged. Enjoy.

What's going on?         Weird Gilligan's Island coincidence.              Sex and Demons.


N.R.A. killers.          Evil's gonna win.         Can't take that serious.


Crazy powerful.         Russians.          I don't care.


Steal tremendous amounts.          Directions.                Don't give a sh*t.


We need help.         Hate gangs.        I don't care.


A bully can deny your reality. We have a president who can repeatedly lie blatantly and yet continue to receive professional media coverage befitting the office. When he should rather be disregarded as an unreliable source of information and ignored. It seems people are no longer outraged when the president directly contradicts himself. While some are dismayed, many others find it humorous, the truth drifts a few more degrees away from the national attention, as we are swept up in a whirlwind of falsehoods, half-truths and obfuscation.


Power tends to corrupt.         Great men are almost always bad men.


Bullies.        The response to power.        Definition of "bully"


Rude, terrible person.         Suppression.         NEWS = pain.


Excuse me.       Racist people.        Fake I.C.E..


I want protection.         Collusion.     


No fair Supreme Court.


There will be blame.        Terrible difference.



Sources: CNN, FOX News, The D.C. Shorts, A.U.R.N., April Ryan, Abby, Phillip, Jim Acosta, Peter Alexander, Yamiche Alcindor

A barely political collage about voting, prescription drugs and New Port Richey Bob among other things.


We can all agree.     Fight equal rights in Florida.


Prescription drugs for murderers.       General Buttadu.


Maybe we'll cut Social Security.        I'll be your veterinarian.


Your registration has expired.         Stand up for Crime.


Fight the community not special interests.    


Fraud for congress.        New Port Richey Bob.


Prescription drugs for Florida.           Vote for me today.


I don't know what's going on.

This one's a bit dark and didactic. It's kind of difficult to discuss retribalization while staying positive. Toward the end of the month, I came across a rich vein of additional tribalist information, much I was unable to include. This topic demands to be revisited. It will, hopefully with a lighter approach, next time.



Electric information movement.          Information bubbles.        


Naive idealism.         Abandon that thinking.        


Quote from Marshall McLuhan Playboy interview 1968.


World Pool.         Identity quest.         Facebook.


Youtube information silos.         The narcissism of minor differences.


"it's Even Worse Than It Looks,"         Norman Ornstein,


Thomas Mann,        Healthcare.        Fool for the Enlightenment.     


The illusion of separation.         Show don't tell.


A new goal for humanity.




Keep The Swamp

Introductory explanation.        The Woodward interview.    

The cone of silence around Trump.      What are you gonna do?

They don't tell me.        You do know I'm making billions.        Afraid.

Feel badly for Russia.       We are all corrupt.       Play horrible games.

The American people lost big.   Keep the swamp.

 Lately, whenever I cast my inspiration net, I come up with mostly Trumpian topics. This disturbs me, because I am certain many other things are happening. However, I must work with what I catch. So here it is.  

For future episodes I may have to shift from net casting to hunting mode.


What you are seeing is not happening.       Not the truth.        Putin powerful.


Believe fake crap.      Stick with us.       Corporate criminal iceberg.


I admit it: Trump admits Russian meddling.         The problem is the president.


I don't need this country; I can buy anything.     Usless and petty.


Not the truth.     Flipping.       Hey, Putin, that's a lot of money.


Make up lies.      More crazy than Lincoln.      Trump in Tampa.


Sessions knows Russians.     Nobody knew.


Crazy excuse for a president.       Space Force. 


I know all about...


This is Crazy

This is my way of dealing with the onslaught
of serious nonsense and insanity we've been presented with. Includes the More Crazy Remix.


Civilty.     This is crazy.     Take the children away.

Knock the crap out of them.     All kinds of crazy.    

Above the law (pardon myself).     Win with lying.

Make America sorry.     Kim Jong-Un loves rockets.     I am so smart.

Toe trail.     Look at the finger.     Russia, come back in.

The More Crazy Remix.

Sources: ABC News 7, C-Span, CNN, CNBC, FOX News, Seth Meyers

Went to San Francisco earlier this month. Lovely place, lots of culture and history, although kind of chilly for a Florida guy. Good-if pricey- food, music and beer. Glad I had the expeience. I gathered auditory ambience from various points along the way. Then I blended some of them into the following collage.


Heading to San Francisco.         Planes and trains.              Airbus A380 for perspective.


Asian flute players in the park.           Ambulance in the streets of San Francisco.


Innov Gnawa in Yerba Buena Park.           Electric violinist- Happy Birthday.


Babbling brook in the Redwood Forest.        Electric violinist- Jingle Bells.     


Walking through Chinatown.            The hotel and elevator.           BART to airport.


Train to parking/ "Cutting it close, pal."        The Last Stop!



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