Loose Cannon

A delightful chat abruptly ended by an undercharged recorder. Rich people are discussed-including Mike's Bill Gates connection-as are Spike, Stalin and Mike's manager. Mike asks a couple science questions that we try our best to answer. We also cover a bunch of other stuff.

Picking on puppets,     Burger King moves to Canada,     Rich people talk,     Stalin's Koch connection,     Mike is multi-tasking,
The Bill Gates connection,     The Libor scandal,     ISIS,    The Abrahamic god- he is who he is,     Science question #1,     
Mike is an angst inducing loose cannon,      Science question #2,     Brian talks about his gonzo lawyer mentor.     
P.C. Mike joins to update us on Spike's social media activities,     Watching people die,     According to Cory, "Kormodd's the worst," 

Mike returns and movie talk ensues. Titles discussed include: Greed, Exterminating Angel, Anchor Man.     

Music talk: Records you've bought but don't listen to, Beating up Johnny Thunders, G.G. Allin,      The battery dies.......
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In this episode, we spend a good deal of time talking about music and movies. That doesn't prevent us from also discussing Best Show calls, award shows and street sleepers. Mike teases us with Best Show secret projects. Fredericks offers relaxation techniques. Brian shares a disturbing tale involving a communication tech.

Yinka Adeshina for Governor 2014!        Street sleepers.     Another Best Show secret project.     Best Show is returning soon.     

Massa'a movie talk.     Music talk includes Kinks vs. Stones.     Award shows.     

Germany is getting capitalism right.        Magic Christian.          P.C. Mike recounts a Best Show call.    

Beatles talk.      Hee Haw's surprising longevity.      Brian's college disorientation.     "He didn't flush!"

Relaxation techniques.      Dave Hill is a good guy.      Antidepressants/depression.     Mike departs.       Shopping styles.

Kormodd's journey into history.      Album covers.      First Records.     H. Jon Benjamin.     Dead Dog's Eyeball.   
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This is a long one, some people showed up late, and I didn't want to be rude by ending the show. Besides, Mike was fully engaged. Tons of topics are discussed. The events in Ferguson, Mo. are covered, as are, John Popper's taunting tweets The Best Show, Mike's work, movies, even Zach Galifianakis' Christmas party.   It moves right along.

Best Show is not back, yet.     "Always the bad one'"         Mike's work situation is not improving,          Mike loses his patience,   
  Waiting for Mike.       John Popper vs. The F.O.T.      Gene Simmons on Twitter,       Florida's governor's race.      Reading in dreams,

Ferguson talk.         Mike returns and tells us about his movie time at Massa's.        MIke's Best Show commuting history- definitely not boring.     
Zach Galifiankis' Christmas party.         Mike's acting career.     Rick Perlstein's Invisible Bridge,          Dave from Knoxville makes it in. 

Ken Burns movies,        T.V. talk includes: Treme, Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex.       Bluegrass rock,    Bad Grandpa,            

Mike's girlfriend,           Breading boy gets fat.           Dave from Knoxville tells us Don Pardo is dead and gives us some updates.

Robin Williams is dead, too.         Soul losing thievery.              
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Mike says he's taking August off. Then, he surprisingly sticks around for the whole show! He tells a great Massa story. We discuss a bunch of different topics including: movies, the Prohibition, Spike and the Grateful Dead.

Mike's taking August off.     Best Show talk: Stevie Blue and Captain Jack.   
Saint Stephen Gaskin buys the Farm.  http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2014/07/01/stephen-gaskin-founder-farm-dies/11934969/
I.R.S. talk.     Fredericks' political strategy.      Simpsons talk.     Racist little Rascals.     Massa's movie talk.    
 Great Massa's story: Violent Guy's Are Sentimental.

      Spike is following Mike.      GRATEFUL DEAD!     Sorry about the spying.     Net Ann Yahoo.        
 Prohibition and a successful insanity defense.       Fredericks' first Best Show call.      
Mike is excited about the new James Brown movie.     
Best Show calls includes: Stan breaks up. I hear bitching going on? Fredericks' fantasy. Mike's revelation.   

James Brown.    

 Michael Jackson's duck butter.  Celebopeds.     Weird, British open secret: pedophilia.       You're not supposed to call it "marijuana".        

Drug legalization.       Why do you edit these things?
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This show flows atop a sea of alcohol. And while it gets loose, it never falls completely apart. Although A.P. Mike does get tossed overboard several times.

Kormodd's alcohol mistake.       It's P.C. Mike's birthday.         Mike bails.       The perfect Aryan baby.           Mike's personal information.        

Movie talk- The Godfather, Long Goodbye.         Dougald arrives/leaves.        John Lennon.      Todd Glass' advisers.       Hipsters and bikes.        

What does this mean?        Stan explains the Palestinian problem.     Hearty White talk.     Mike bails, again.     Mike's work situation.     Kayaking.  
Kormodd is kind of doughy.     Cheech and Chong.        Exposed weapons vs. exposed breasts.     P.C.'s neighbors.      Jazz talk.     P.C.'s life expectancy.

"Kormodd will kill us all in the end."       Exercise and diet.
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Mike's computer is too dusted to Skype. So, we carry on without him. Topics include: possible crime, philosophy, movies, novelty songs and much much more.

P.C. reports on suspicious activity,        Kormodd critiques Modern Day Philosophers includes discussions of Danny Lobell, Artie Lang, John Lennon and Arthur Schopenhauer,       Movie Talk: Simon of the Desert,     Comedian Attire,           Best Show critiques, compliments, speculation, "you apes"!     Novelty Songs: Ray Stevens, Weird Al, The Streak.     Do The Selfie.     Late night comedy: John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and an old man's penis.      Dan Carlin imitations,      Brian has more good news aka Streaks Happen!
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Recorded whilst a series of thunderstorms rolled through New Port Richey (you can hear it). A good deal of death talk (includes murder and suicide). Mike recounts work horror stories. Marc Maron reads Bukowski (haven't got permission, hope I don't get sued).

You know how this thing works?               Podcast listening proposal,          Mike's deteriorating work situation,       The other FOT chat,       The squeaky wheel gets the ax,       Anarchy & Totalitarianism,      Motorcyclists wear your helmets!        The Troubles with Orange people,        Movie talk,       Podcast talk,     Not good advice, Mister Kinison,      Marc Maron talk includes the Amazing Jonathan, who is weirdly sympathetic, and Marc reads The Shoelace,         Unwinding George Packer.         Homework.
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Jews for Jerry,      Israel/Palestine (Scott's not going).        Original American Art Forms.      Artimus Pyle Is Far More Interesting Than Artemus Ward.     The Who (Pino Pallidino),            Iron Man Mike,         Massa's Movie Talk,            The Storm,         Tom Scharpling Talk,        Best Show Update,       Irresponsible Dog Owner Owns Up,           Wally Wackiman,          Puppet Talk,        Tony Stops By and Gets Confused,     Dougald's Puppet Problems.          

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Three plus hours of scintillating conversation mashed down to about forty minutes. Topics include: the Greeks, Hobby Lobby, the Grateful Dead and tormented sock puppets.

The Greeks had a problem with books,        Simpson's quotes are the new poetry,     Hobby Lobby,     Disappearing IRS emails,    
 Closing up Massa's,     Mike's Ironman Adventure,       The Grateful Dead,       Mike's Work: A script or a nervous breakdown?    
 Dougald's Domestic Violence Collage,       Brian's Better News,     WORK,     

Scott shows up, talks about the Grateful Dead and a tie-dyed Mezuzah,         "Jerry Garcia was a terrible guitarist",     

Velvet Underground.
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Brett Easton Ellis,    Mike's Blockage,    Best Show Question: The Angry Email,    Kevin Smith,     Prince Bandar,     Who Killed JFK? (Contains some misinformation)     Vietnam.     

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