An impressionistic audio piece expressing an individual response to the presidential debates. I almost called this episode Get on the stick and mess around. Because that's what I did.

Doctor Carson: pathological child-molester?     Get on the stick and mess around.      Not supposed to be like this.

Bernie!     Rand Paul and Jeb Bush get fired.        Donald Trump faked the moon landing.     Obama's legacy.

Pot smoking socialist.      Martin O'Malley: truck diving loser.       Trump takes the mic.     The American dream is stupid.

Exercise Hillary.     Comprehensive substitute truth.     Bernie talks.     Hillary on Wall Street.      The Big Lie.    

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Inspired by a confluence of news articles and automated phones calls I decided to put technology to the test (Turing to be precise).

Volkswagen robot kills co-worker.           Musk, Hawking & Wozniak warning.        Robotophilia.    

Amanda takes the Turing test.       Jane gets her chance.           I didn't catch the winner's name.   

 Tech troubles and the robotic people who address them.    This is not a sales call.

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This episode, number one hundred, examines auditory illusions. First focusing on the affect repetition has on what we perceive.  Shepard's Paradox is one weird phenomena and shows up far more frequently than you might realize.

WillOldman(thanks to Acapela Group) Congratulations and a questions.     Repetition and perception.    

What do you hear? (Featuring Clay Pigeon -Dusty Show WFMU)         

 Neuroscience and Buddhism (Quartz magazine article by Olivia Goldhill)

Shepard's Paradox.     Knowledge is not enough.    You can't (always) believe what you perceive.

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Sand Spurs

This episode I discuss sand-spurs a perennial and proverbial thorn is my side. The way they respond to my actions gives the impression that they are intelligent and actively working to subvert my efforts to eradicate them from my yard.

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Recorded during the tail end of around three weeks of powerful rainstorms.

Climate change talk over excerpt of Steve Reich's It's Gonna Rain from Reich: Early Works - Come Out / Piano Phase / Clapping Music / It's Gonna Rain.

WMNF'S Rob Lorei Radio Activity and his callers get sliced up, mixed up and minimized.

Dangerous driving conditions.     Changing perspective.           Illegal mailbox check.        Checking things out.         El Nino.

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Another last minute gathering. We do welcome newcomer Mackro who shares his plans for a project focusing on the music of 1970. We talk weather, politics and A.P. Mike's creative output along with a bunch of other things.

Mackro and me.        A critical discussion of A.P. Mike's latest creative projects.           Brian has tech issues.      
 Talking weather and daylight.      Seattle.     Pike's Place.       The presidential election featuring Donald Trump.    
 Where is the Rock and Roll?      Dance To This Song 
Macko's plans.      Finding music through comedy vines.       "Robert's gonna have a seizure!"   

Music festivals and arena shows.      Music of 1970.      Mackro's disco confession.      

Robert Christgau hated Black Sabbath.        Climate change.       Farewells.

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This is my take on the shooting in Charleston South Carolina and the confederate battle flag. Also discussed are state's rights, idiot logic and the media's role in promoting ignorance. 

Dylann Roof.     Charles Cotton N.R.A. board member, disingenuous or moron?        South Carolina's state's rights flip flop. 
Imaginary Christian prosecution.       There's one sure way to get rich if you are an articulate black man.     Idiot logic.
Confounding Christ's advice.      Music break: Jump to Conclusions by E.W. Jackson and the FOXers.     

Roberto Ferdman and Matthew Guterl discuss the confederate flag and the sorry state of today's media.
Let's drag Texas into the 21st century.
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Bird Pile

A Fredericks Foundscape

Intro     The bells of St. John's       Avian speculation       Avian observations       Slow flying objects
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Touch Me, AP Mike

A spur of the moment Skype gathering. We welcome some new people, reacquaint ourselves with some newer people and talk to some old people.

Jeff  and D.C. Pat.         Mike is done eating.      Randy Newman’s prescient. 

John Waters movies,      Mike hates Robert Christgau’s memoir.     

Dougald popped his Canadian head in.     Mike’s job situation.      

Writing books: Blood Trail, Lamentations and The Manny.       Bootlegging.         Bibliophiles.       

Corporate scams.     Shoplifting.     Early deaths.      Massa’s update.     Best Show talk.    

Skype thing excluded!     Dead Dad’s Club review.     Black comedians.     Dock Ellis.    

 WFMU Record Fair.   


Pat Byrne talks music:  Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses) and Chad Clark (Beauty Pill).

Book talk.        Mike’s possible new career path.          Politics.     

 Stan shows up and Dougald rejoins conversation.      Weather talk.     Back to Randy Newman.

Wildlife: deer and coyote.        Sneaking around at Massa’s doesn’t work.       Touch Me, AP Mike.

Fair Use discussion.     Canadian idioms.       Euphemisms. 


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On Time

Time has been a topic I find myself coming back to frequently. I am about halfway through Douglas Rushkoff's fascinating new book Present Shock and felt inspired to create this piece.

Analog vs digital clocks.                  The relativity of time.                      Perception of time.         Time on my hands. 
      The Bicameral Mind.         Consciousness changes over time.       Analog vs. digital music.     
An inappropriate transference of hostility.              Under the control of something else.
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