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Intro     The bells of St. John's       Avian speculation       Avian observations       Slow flying objects
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Touch Me, AP Mike

A spur of the moment Skype gathering. We welcome some new people, reacquaint ourselves with some newer people and talk to some old people.

Jeff  and D.C. Pat.         Mike is done eating.      Randy Newman’s prescient. 

John Waters movies,      Mike hates Robert Christgau’s memoir.     

Dougald popped his Canadian head in.     Mike’s job situation.      

Writing books: Blood Trail, Lamentations and The Manny.       Bootlegging.         Bibliophiles.       

Corporate scams.     Shoplifting.     Early deaths.      Massa’s update.     Best Show talk.    

Skype thing excluded!     Dead Dad’s Club review.     Black comedians.     Dock Ellis.    

 WFMU Record Fair.   


Pat Byrne talks music:  Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses) and Chad Clark (Beauty Pill).

Book talk.        Mike’s possible new career path.          Politics.     

 Stan shows up and Dougald rejoins conversation.      Weather talk.     Back to Randy Newman.

Wildlife: deer and coyote.        Sneaking around at Massa’s doesn’t work.       Touch Me, AP Mike.

Fair Use discussion.     Canadian idioms.       Euphemisms. 


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On Time

Time has been a topic I find myself coming back to frequently. I am about halfway through Douglas Rushkoff's fascinating new book Present Shock and felt inspired to create this piece.

Analog vs digital clocks.                  The relativity of time.                      Perception of time.         Time on my hands. 
      The Bicameral Mind.         Consciousness changes over time.       Analog vs. digital music.     
An inappropriate transference of hostility.              Under the control of something else.
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The Best Show was delayed. So we pulled the gang together on short notice. Mike dishes about his experiences during the recent live shows. Climate change in Florida is banned. We spend quite a bit of time talking about music and The Jinx.

Stan knows how to think.     Where’s Mike?         Static.       Mike on stage.

Kevin Corrigan.      Jack White/Elvis.     Mike’s Deemployment.  

Can’t Say “ Climate Change” in Florida.     Dougald and the Kids.     

Box Sets.      The Best Show.        Tech Problems.     WFMU Marathon- Clay Pigeon, Frangy.    

Backstage Stories.     Mike’s Stalker.     FOT @ Massa”s.       The Jinx.

Serial.       Roky Erickson.     Electro Shock Therapy.    Austin.     


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According to Pew Research Group 91% of adult Americans have a mobile phone of some sort. We are more connected than ever. 

Using that information I mixed in ideas inspired by Brion Gysin’s cut up technique and Steve Reich’s Violin Phase and created this piece.

Consider this an auditory argument that increased connections do not correspondingly increase the quality of communication.

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Faced with Tom Scharpling’s unexpected absence, Mike hastily convened an emergency Skype chat. We welcome some new folks and jump into our old routine as best we can.

Pat Walsh fails to join.     Corey’s Scharpling and Wurster talk.       Losing my touch.

Mike’s work and snow talk.     Pat makes it in.     

More work talk includes "You gotta be devious" and "Stair etiquette.”     

Movie Talk! Birdman and Inherent Vice

Brian shows we talk about the Toby Dammit, the Swans and Einstruzende Neubauten/


Best Show talk.  Massa’s Movie Talk: Interstellar, Top Secret, Let It Ride, Burt Reynolds movies.

The Super Bowl.     FrancesaCon.         Gambling.             Girl Scout cookies.        

Fredericks and P.C. on Cigarettes and Whiskey ep. 93.      Cigarette people.

Paul Thomas Anderson.     Pynchon spotting.      Jon Wurster teases American Airlines.

More movie talk: The Master.       Audience watching.      Meandering. 

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I had planned on doing a show about circles, Pi, spheres, domes, ovals and other things roundish, but things became cyclical so I rolled with it.. This is an abbreviated episode due to Tom Scharpling's not showing up for work. We had an emergency Mike Skype Thing chat instead- excerpts coming soon.

He was a bright kid.       Pi is infinite.       Hillary Today offer.      Where were you?         

P.C. Mike learns ten seconds is a long time.     Whiskey and Cigarettes (We're getting famous).

Mike Skype Thing talk: What happened to Stan and Kormodd?        

Listening to The Best Show.          Calling The Best Show.      Not right but didn't fall down.

Emergency Skype Chat?        To be continued...
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This episode was created by filtering though notes from my work table, old Tascam recordings, the newspaper and Glenn Beck propaganda. Oh, and the Jeff Perlman interview conducted by the Skype group as well as a seasonal poem. Florida seasonal anyways.

Charles C. Alexander.       Astrological Billiards.         Ambiguous sentences.        
Notes from the work table.     Gun myths.   Glenn Beck cut up.    

Crazy cat lady.      Trapped in the backyard.
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Keep Moving

Fredericks Mind Thing- The Show Returns

Hey there gang, I am back!             Mike's Skype Thing is over.  

 After a year's long hiatus you'd assume I have tons of backlogged material.        You'd be right.  

I did, until the crash of 2014.         

So here, I salvage some stuff off my old recorder and acquaint myself with the new GarageBand (I don't really care for it).
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As the Best Show returns, Tom stops by and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes. We were just doing our usual Mike Skype thing when Tom Scharpling shows up and talks not texts. Later, he pots us down and ruins the show.

Things start slow, but the gang slowly arrives.     

Tom visited Cory’s show (     

Mike recounts his latest visit to the new studio.           


The thieving Massa's guy is still missing with the money.

Brian and Mike urge Tom to join us.        dBs talk.

Chuck Berry.        P.C. and Epic show up.     Mike knows some things.

Tom’s Jon Solomon interview discussed.     

 P.C. recounts the development of his musical taste, at length.  

 Musicians Tom has ruined your enjoyment of includes Waits, Zappa, Lennon.

Rock and Roll Circus.             Holy Modal Rounders/Fugs.          Chuck Berry.

Tom shows up.     We meet Jason Gore.             LOST CONTACT!

P.C. puts Tom on the hot seat.     McCartney talk.          Zappa/Beefheart talk.

Tom loves our club!          Super secret behind the scenes studio chatter.

Tom pots us down and ruins our show.      We get the number.

Going out on a whimper not a bang.

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