Speaking of Disingenuousness, What Is Comedy?

April 13, 2014

A free wheeling episode in which Picnic learns a lesson.

Malcolm McLuhan talk;

Alec Baldwin/ Sean Hannity;


The Massa Swingers;

Explanation Point;

Picnic Does It Again;

Music Documentaries;

Movie Talk;

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;

Framing Dali's "Still Life Moving Fast";

Mike's Not Here;

Beethoven is Dumb;

Sarah Despises Disingenuousness;

Peter Bergman is dead; Oh, well;

Firesign Theatre;

Picnic Learns His Lesson.

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It’s Just A Little Off

April 8, 2014

AP Mike listens, sitting on his pallet while proofreading a book. He jumps in and out of the conversation telling several pretty good stories.

Tom (Best Show) talk;
Bar Brawl;
Mike has a job interview;
PC Mike's Aldi Adventure "relatively violence free";
The Jellyfish;
Movie talk;
Mike jumps back in;
Dave shows up;
The first exodus;
Malcolm McLuhan talk;
New Tribalism;
Peter Emerges;
Peter Sings!
The Loooong Goodbye.
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The Medium is the Mensonge

April 1, 2014

More than three hours of conversation condensed to a little more than an hour;


Randolph W. Thrower;

CIA vs. Senate;

"Not about thinking";


Walmart toe suckage;

The Philosopher's Mail;

FOX News;

The mysterious Iago Gladstone;

The mysterious disappearance of Dave Bunyon;

Pope talk;

AP Mike talk;

Movie talk;

A New Port Richey story goes national;

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Around the Virtual Table With AP Mike and Friends

March 24, 2014

Perfect combination of high and low;

Stool transplants;
Language shroud;
B&Bs at the B&B;
Prostitution problem in NPR;
Governor Rick Scott is perfect;

Economic talk featuring Dougld; 

U.S. politics: Divide and Conquer;


Hodgman Talk;

Movie talk;

Massa's talk: drinking to death.
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Fredericks Skype Thing I

March 18, 2014

Introduction: No Tech Problems;

A  Short Visit From AP Mike;
Brian Talks Framing;
Art Talk;
Zimmerman At A Gun Show;
Is Florida Crazy?
How About Canada?
Callie's Dark Roots;
Drug Talk;
Environmental Talk;
Technical Difficulties;
Microwave Danger;
Talk Radio Talk;
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Mike Skype VII- Mike Feels Down

March 11, 2014

There's a Problem With This Call;

Mike's Feeling Down;
For the Infamous, Use MIddle Names;
NSA Mess Hall;
Was Mary a Lizard Person?
Marathon Talk;
Appliances As Murder Weapons;
WFMU Is Kind Of Weird;
Tinnitus Talk;
Stand Your Ground;
Literature Talk;
Mike's Movie Career;
The KKK;
Mike's Dating History;
Stan Gets Fredericks;
Black Jesus;
Humor Isn't Easy;
Fake Reality.
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Mike’s Skype VI Part 1

March 3, 2014

Jason's Favorite Part;

Mike's Pop-Up Problem;
The Stan Show;
A Mistake of the Creator?
SeeThat My Brain Jar Is Kept Clean;
Fredericks' Fort;
Mike's Hole Talk:
Much more to come...
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Mike Skype V-2 Losing My Mind

February 27, 2014

Tech Problems;

Cutting Up Cans With Russ Cohle;

Wes is a Rat;

The Impromptu Bookcase.
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Mike’s Skype V- Mike Skypes Tom Types

February 21, 2014
It's not a show; it's a support group.

A new form of art that isn't going to last very long.

Itsa everythinga you love. Witha spicy meatballs.

A weird inspiration.
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Mike’s Skpe Thing III- The Rest

February 18, 2014

Phillip Seymour Heroin.

Super Ad Bowl.

Bob Dylan and Prince are Weirdos.

Science Creationism Debate.


Torture Porn.

Mike's Real Life Horror Story.

Dave from Knoxville Finally Arrives.

Animal Talk.

Reality Shows.

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