Terrain Hazards and Manditory Processes

April 22, 2014

A paucity of storage space forces an extreme compression of information;

Touching on the tropes;

Camping (The tinkling of mosquito wings);

The McLuhan is the Message (Get thee to the Gutenberg Galaxy);

Beautiful books change one's perception;

The Variety of Audio Mediums;

Movie Talk with Mike - aka Dumb people watching dumb movies
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Speaking of Disingenuousness, What Is Comedy?

April 13, 2014

A free wheeling episode in which Picnic learns a lesson.

Malcolm McLuhan talk;

Alec Baldwin/ Sean Hannity;


The Massa Swingers;

Explanation Point;

Picnic Does It Again;

Music Documentaries;

Movie Talk;

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;

Framing Dali's "Still Life Moving Fast";

Mike's Not Here;

Beethoven is Dumb;

Sarah Despises Disingenuousness;

Peter Bergman is dead; Oh, well;

Firesign Theatre;

Picnic Learns His Lesson.

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It’s Just A Little Off

April 8, 2014

AP Mike listens, sitting on his pallet while proofreading a book. He jumps in and out of the conversation telling several pretty good stories.

Tom (Best Show) talk;
Bar Brawl;
Mike has a job interview;
PC Mike's Aldi Adventure "relatively violence free";
The Jellyfish;
Movie talk;
Mike jumps back in;
Dave shows up;
The first exodus;
Malcolm McLuhan talk;
New Tribalism;
Peter Emerges;
Peter Sings!
The Loooong Goodbye.
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The Medium is the Mensonge

April 1, 2014

More than three hours of conversation condensed to a little more than an hour;


Randolph W. Thrower;

CIA vs. Senate;

"Not about thinking";


Walmart toe suckage;

The Philosopher's Mail;

FOX News;

The mysterious Iago Gladstone;

The mysterious disappearance of Dave Bunyon;

Pope talk;

AP Mike talk;

Movie talk;

A New Port Richey story goes national;

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Around the Virtual Table With AP Mike and Friends

March 24, 2014

Perfect combination of high and low;

Stool transplants;
Language shroud;
B&Bs at the B&B;
Prostitution problem in NPR;
Governor Rick Scott is perfect;

Economic talk featuring Dougld; 

U.S. politics: Divide and Conquer;


Hodgman Talk;

Movie talk;

Massa's talk: drinking to death.
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Fredericks Skype Thing I

March 18, 2014

Introduction: No Tech Problems;

A  Short Visit From AP Mike;
Brian Talks Framing;
Art Talk;
Zimmerman At A Gun Show;
Is Florida Crazy?
How About Canada?
Callie's Dark Roots;
Drug Talk;
Environmental Talk;
Technical Difficulties;
Microwave Danger;
Talk Radio Talk;
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Mike Skype VII- Mike Feels Down

March 11, 2014

There's a Problem With This Call;

Mike's Feeling Down;
For the Infamous, Use MIddle Names;
NSA Mess Hall;
Was Mary a Lizard Person?
Marathon Talk;
Appliances As Murder Weapons;
WFMU Is Kind Of Weird;
Tinnitus Talk;
Stand Your Ground;
Literature Talk;
Mike's Movie Career;
The KKK;
Mike's Dating History;
Stan Gets Fredericks;
Black Jesus;
Humor Isn't Easy;
Fake Reality.
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Mike’s Skype VI Part 1

March 3, 2014

Jason's Favorite Part;

Mike's Pop-Up Problem;
The Stan Show;
A Mistake of the Creator?
SeeThat My Brain Jar Is Kept Clean;
Fredericks' Fort;
Mike's Hole Talk:
Much more to come...
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Mike Skype V-2 Losing My Mind

February 27, 2014

Tech Problems;

Cutting Up Cans With Russ Cohle;

Wes is a Rat;

The Impromptu Bookcase.
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Mike’s Skype V- Mike Skypes Tom Types

February 21, 2014
It's not a show; it's a support group.

A new form of art that isn't going to last very long.

Itsa everythinga you love. Witha spicy meatballs.

A weird inspiration.
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