I had planned on doing a show about circles, Pi, spheres, domes, ovals and other things roundish, but things became cyclical so I rolled with it.. This is an abbreviated episode due to Tom Scharpling's not showing up for work. We had an emergency Mike Skype Thing chat instead- excerpts coming soon.

He was a bright kid.       Pi is infinite.       Hillary Today offer.      Where were you?         

P.C. Mike learns ten seconds is a long time.     Whiskey and Cigarettes (We're getting famous).

Mike Skype Thing talk: What happened to Stan and Kormodd?        

Listening to The Best Show.          Calling The Best Show.      Not right but didn't fall down.

Emergency Skype Chat?        To be continued...
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This episode was created by filtering though notes from my work table, old Tascam recordings, the newspaper and Glenn Beck propaganda. Oh, and the Jeff Perlman interview conducted by the Skype group as well as a seasonal poem. Florida seasonal anyways.

Charles C. Alexander.       Astrological Billiards.         Ambiguous sentences.        
Notes from the work table.     Gun myths.   Glenn Beck cut up.    

Crazy cat lady.      Trapped in the backyard.
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Keep Moving

Fredericks Mind Thing- The Show Returns

Hey there gang, I am back!             Mike's Skype Thing is over.  

 After a year's long hiatus you'd assume I have tons of backlogged material.        You'd be right.  

I did, until the crash of 2014.         

So here, I salvage some stuff off my old recorder and acquaint myself with the new GarageBand (I don't really care for it).
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As the Best Show returns, Tom stops by and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes. We were just doing our usual Mike Skype thing when Tom Scharpling shows up and talks not texts. Later, he pots us down and ruins the show.

Things start slow, but the gang slowly arrives.     

Tom visited Cory’s show (     

Mike recounts his latest visit to the new studio.           


The thieving Massa's guy is still missing with the money.

Brian and Mike urge Tom to join us.        dBs talk.

Chuck Berry.        P.C. and Epic show up.     Mike knows some things.

Tom’s Jon Solomon interview discussed.     

 P.C. recounts the development of his musical taste, at length.  

 Musicians Tom has ruined your enjoyment of includes Waits, Zappa, Lennon.

Rock and Roll Circus.             Holy Modal Rounders/Fugs.          Chuck Berry.

Tom shows up.     We meet Jason Gore.             LOST CONTACT!

P.C. puts Tom on the hot seat.     McCartney talk.          Zappa/Beefheart talk.

Tom loves our club!          Super secret behind the scenes studio chatter.

Tom pots us down and ruins our show.      We get the number.

Going out on a whimper not a bang.

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Technology fails me again. All is lost. But, I'll keep going.

Mike's Skype Thing is ending.        Deseated Ram stick.        Ambivalence toward technology.      Death of a podcast.

Perhaps, memory is not supposed to last.        Message erased.
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This may be my favorite Mike's Skype Thing episode, thus far. Stan spends the show rapidly cycling between rage and love. P.C. Mike explains old cartoons to Epic Soundtracks. A.P. Mike tells a harrowing tale about a jogging accident. We talk about Native Americans in Canada.  Other topics include: Nazis, Russia, Kevin Smith and Dave Emory.  Fredericks dishes dirt on a Ramones’ song. Mike talks about living in a Joseph Heller novel. He also explains Post-Micturition Dribble. Stan threatens everyone.


Cagey Mike talks about more things in the wings.        Pepe Le Pew.       Mike’s accident.


Epic’s advice.       The Both on Sound Opinions.          The birthday boy arrives.    


Nazi Muslims.     Ramones story.     Ammunition.     Mike shows Patton at Massa’s. 


Movie talk.     Mike’s manager.       Massa’s tales.        Kevin Smith.     


Mike’s going on another cruise.     Best Show talk.     Squirrels of Anarchy.     


Dougald arrives.     “Are you all hammered up?”       “I’ll miss you idiots.”


Dougald recounts his first call to the Best Show.        Fredericks tells a GonerFest story.      Trailer Park Boys.


 P.C. Mike’s continuing torment of Joe Perry.     Future plans.


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This was a fun one. We talk about  gas leaks, cars, boxing, Beetlejuice and Fleetwood Mac. Mike talks about priests and pornography, bachelor parties gone bad and the infamous Four Loko episode of the Best Show.

Stan’s gas leak.     Andy Breckman: Doofus.       Brian’s having a good day.     


Car talk with A.P. Mike.       The drive to nowhere.       Human dreck.


Mike’s work situation: Notes written in red crayon.     Boxing and Beetlejuice.


Chicago talk with Cory.   Google Dougald one of us.      Fleetwood Mac.


Corey tells a radio story.       P.C. Mike thinks writing an oral history seems easy.


Andy Kindler hates atheists.     Massa’s movie talk: Dr. Strangelove.   Patton Pending.


Best Show non-update.     Priests and Pornography.    


Jerry Lee Lewis ruined Mike’s friend’s wedding.  


The Four Loko episode (Hodgman was faking).    Playing games at Massa’s.


Book talk (Marilynne Robinson).     Beetlejuice revisited.


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Despite my starting out of the tent (fort), this episode recovers and leads us careening through a variety of subjects. Florida makes several appearances and Mike and Spike bring the smut. We, verbally, visit the Middle East, Massa's and the back room of the Best Show. Foreshortened due to a glitch in my new mp3 converter. "I don't care, you win some; you lose some."

Out of the tent (it's a fort!).       Natural law.       James Mellon: Tax avoider.     Florida murder talk.     The Mush.        Florida's governors race.

Standardized education scam.      Who's making the money?           New World Order.        Bobcat talk.       Selling weapons.

New Port Richey,     The porn industry is going south.       Spike goes to the museum.     Magical Misery Tour.     Massa's movie talk.

The Jungian switch.        Cronenberg movies.     Smutty type stuff.      Stan sounds like a damaged robot.    

Some people need to be murdered.                        Best Show talk (off the record).

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This was truly a wild one. Kormodd gets kicked around a bit. Dave stages a Cyber-Pirate attack. Mike throws people out of Massa’s and uses movies to comfort the survivors of the guy he killed. Tons of movie talk. P.C. loves Sarah and Dinosaur Jr., while, tiring of Sonic Youth and their shenanigans.  Fredericks’ joke falls flat.




Capitalist prostitution.           Scotland’s independence.       ISIS/ISIL talk.


9/11 and the Saudis (band name?).       Political Islam.                                                        


Mike joins us to talk about L.B.J. and Billie Sol Estes.


They’re dropping like flies at Massa’s: The Sleeper and Dog Fucker bite the dust.     


Suicide drinking.     Massa’a movie: The Russians Are Coming.      


 More movie talk- Scorsese and Tarantino get judged.          The Supreme Court.


Golf.     The Year Punk Broke,        


 Kormodd takes Stan down (?) and recommends Border Radio.


“Our original course must have been in error.”    


 Dave from Knoxville                    Sarah: best Best Show caller of all time?


Dave returns.      Mike returns.      T.V. talk.    Movie talk.        Prescription drugs.  


“Can you believe what they show on T.V. these days? “      “It’s of kind of a cult.”


 Weird pre-game football.         The medium changes the message.           JESUS!


Fredericks’ failed joke.         Why would you listen to this?      


 The bottle rocket that broke the camel’s spine.            Actions have consequences.


P.C Mike takes down Gene Simmons.              Thanks for Bitslap.     


The future of Mike’s Skype Thing.         A closing thing to make you paranoid.


Last words.

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A combination of time constraints and synchronicity led to this abbreviated episode.

The Blackout,     Andy Breckman talk,      Seven-Second Delay,     P.C. Mike has homework,     What Tom Scharpling learned from Miles Davis.
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