Lately, whenever I cast my inspiration net, I come up with mostly Trumpian topics. This disturbs me, because I am certain many other things are happening. However, I must work with what I catch. So here it is.  

For future episodes I may have to shift from net casting to hunting mode.


What you are seeing is not happening.       Not the truth.        Putin powerful.


Believe fake crap.      Stick with us.       Corporate criminal iceberg.


I admit it: Trump admits Russian meddling.         The problem is the president.


I don't need this country; I can buy anything.     Usless and petty.


Not the truth.     Flipping.       Hey, Putin, that's a lot of money.


Make up lies.      More crazy than Lincoln.      Trump in Tampa.


Sessions knows Russians.     Nobody knew.


Crazy excuse for a president.       Space Force. 


I know all about...



This is Crazy

This is my way of dealing with the onslaught
of serious nonsense and insanity we've been presented with. Includes the More Crazy Remix.


Civilty.     This is crazy.     Take the children away.

Knock the crap out of them.     All kinds of crazy.    

Above the law (pardon myself).     Win with lying.

Make America sorry.     Kim Jong-Un loves rockets.     I am so smart.

Toe trail.     Look at the finger.     Russia, come back in.

The More Crazy Remix.

Sources: ABC News 7, C-Span, CNN, CNBC, FOX News, Seth Meyers


Went to San Francisco earlier this month. Lovely place, lots of culture and history, although kind of chilly for a Florida guy. Good-if pricey- food, music and beer. Glad I had the expeience. I gathered auditory ambience from various points along the way. Then I blended some of them into the following collage.


Heading to San Francisco.         Planes and trains.              Airbus A380 for perspective.


Asian flute players in the park.           Ambulance in the streets of San Francisco.


Innov Gnawa in Yerba Buena Park.           Electric violinist- Happy Birthday.


Babbling brook in the Redwood Forest.        Electric violinist- Jingle Bells.     


Walking through Chinatown.            The hotel and elevator.           BART to airport.


Train to parking/ "Cutting it close, pal."        The Last Stop!




This one took forever. Don't know whether it was the topic or the timing, but I felt like i was looking for water in the middle of the ocean. It was everywhere and, frankly, overwhelming.


What the hell is going on?        The expanding topic.          Infopocalypse.           Computer generated opinions.  


Russian bots/trolls.         M.I.T. study Twitterbots.          Humans prefer the inaccurate.


Facebook problem.         Algorithmic anomaly.         Misinformation uptick featuring The Russians.


Make America hurt itself again.         Internet Research Agency.          Number One Tricky.


Tim and Mark are sorry.      Cambridge Analytica.         Three most influential fake stories. 


Alex Jones and Sandy Hook.          Destroy truth and rule by spectacle.         Newspapers not Bots.


Facebook takes steps to reduce inaccuracy, it back fires.



The dog's name is Max. He recently became a member of the clan. He is big, rambunctious and not very well trained.

I take some chances.




Say "hello", Max.        The Elk Antler.            Opening the package.           


If I die, thanks for listening.         Grateful and disappointed?       You can break your teeth.


Didn't chew my face off.     Coulda made podcast history.       


When you reach a certain age.     Dedicated to Trapper.


This collage started out playful, but took a rather dark turn sonically. I just followed it. Featuring: Spanish records, steamboats, fruitflies, sirens, stools, snores, a door and more.



Listen carefully.       Fruitfly drum.        Donde esta Juanita?

Repeata.           Cleaning out the van.       Steamboat.

Ambulance passing.      Digital glitch.     The Stool.

The door.


Been collecting and mixing this stuff for months. Finally had time to put it all together.


You have messages.    Get matter resolved.   You're sick.    Matter resolved.

Walk electric.     We have thousands of dollars.      I have rainbows.       

Simple ideas.      On other line.      Andy New Port Richey.       

What he left?      Health problems.      Ummmmm.      

Heads up.       I gotta rainbow.       I'd like to know.  

I've have an issue.      Nope.      

Running out of cool.   Computer expired.

Can't stand....           Get my message?        

Maximum storage time.   Bye bye.





This year, Richard Thaler won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. His research points to the fact that humans are economically irrational. Homo Economicus is a simplifying construct that has, for years, been the basis of economic theory. It assumes all economic actors are "rational" and only interested in maximizing personal utility. That is not true.


There's this guy...           Richard Thaler wins Nobel.         Francis Edgeworth.


Financial forecasters vs. weather forecasters.       The Japanese Miracle.


Examples of irrationality.       Rejecting Homo Economical Rationalism.


Bounded Rationality.       Most cooperative species on Earth.


Empathy, sympathy dread.       Paul Piff's Study (Ted Talk - 2014).


Science advances one funeral at a time.       Goodbye Homo Economicus.



Admittedly didactic and dark, this episode examines the ongoing attempts to dismantle signs of African-America success, thoughout American history. Next one will be lighter, it has to be.


GENTILE.        Undoing Obama's actions.      Dismantling African-Americam accomplishment.


Black Wall Street destroyed.        Rosewood, Florida.     Bad logic.


Good guy goes bad.         Infidel Gun & Gear.        Fortune Taylor's name restored.    


Highways and stadiums displace communities.      Baader Meinhof.  


Renaming Denali.          Unraveling progress.          Outrage becomes disappointment.


Quote from Sam Rayburn.    Repeal care, Die.





We thought Irma was going to hit us as a Category 4 turned out to be a weak 2. I had planned on this podcast being a little more exciting. However, I'm not complaining, really.


Emergency.    What we're expecting.         It's only stuff.          Pasco alert: Fear of looting.       


My cat Byron's is outside.      Final boarding up.        The morning after with Clay Pigeon on WFMU.


Tired and philosophical.      Water is more important than electricity.        Cicadas.


More storms on the horizon.           Cleaning up.         



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