The Bullying Minority

Democracy is designed to allow citizens to present arguments  and debate their merits in the marketplace of ideas. Words, ideas and evidence were to b...View Details

The United States seems to be awash in violence, from overzealous police to armed street gangs to determined mass murderers.  Who benefits from this s...View Details

Barely Keeping Up

For a while, I fell out of the podcast groove, but I’m jumping back in. So much has happened during my absence that I didn’t even touch on the idiot t...View Details

Transitioning Into 2022

What a year just was and what a year the next one promises to be. Not a recap show or a prediction show. Just an update.    New Port Richey Christmas ...View Details

Stochastic Violence

You can be sure it is coming without knowing when or how. Violence is being elicited by politicians and certain parts of the media. They appeal to an ...View Details

Will Not Comply

This one took forever. Had trouble keeping ahold of a narrative through-line. There's too many issues.    Tourists or terrorists?     Boots on the gro...View Details

Despite the title, I tried to stick to accurate observations about actual, factual information. As I worked on this episode, I attempted to find glimp...View Details

Tried like hell to get this episode up by the 4th of March since there was a potential repeat of the Capitol Siege from January 6th. As this is typed,...View Details

It Has All Gone Too Far

I've had a hard time keeping up with what has been happening. Talk about destroying truth and ruling by spectacle, we have seen it in spades, recently...View Details

The Great Disappointment

The United States 2020 presidential election is almost over, although the current resident of the White House has yet to concede. I'm not thrilled wit...View Details

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