A Somber Chat

Despite many sober and/or sleepy participants, this gathering was able shake off the somberness and delightedly delve in several dark topics. Including alcoholism, illegal wrestling moves, Nixon and a surprise in a Shop-Rite Bag.

Stan: Sober and Out of the Loop;

Shop-Rite Surprise at Massa's;

Mike's Difficult Work Environment;


Hong Kong;

WFMU Update;

Marshall McLuhan Discussion featuring Corey Anton (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1w1JTaIdC4);

Habits of Nature;

Butt Box;

Clusterfuck Nation;

CVS Similarities (includes athlete's foot talk);

Wrestling aka "Check His Oil";

Unflattering Evel;

Movie Talk (Mike grows weary yet soldiers on);

Jeff  Feuerzig;

Drinking Oneself to Death;

Joe Puppy Update;

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