Faced with Tom Scharpling’s unexpected absence, Mike hastily convened an emergency Skype chat. We welcome some new folks and jump into our old routine as best we can.

Pat Walsh fails to join.     Corey’s Scharpling and Wurster talk.       Losing my touch.

Mike’s work and snow talk.     Pat makes it in.     

More work talk includes "You gotta be devious" and "Stair etiquette.”     

Movie Talk! Birdman and Inherent Vice

Brian shows we talk about the Toby Dammit, the Swans and Einstruzende Neubauten/


Best Show talk.  Massa’s Movie Talk: Interstellar, Top Secret, Let It Ride, Burt Reynolds movies.

The Super Bowl.     FrancesaCon.         Gambling.             Girl Scout cookies.        

Fredericks and P.C. on Cigarettes and Whiskey ep. 93.      Cigarette people.

Paul Thomas Anderson.     Pynchon spotting.      Jon Wurster teases American Airlines.

More movie talk: The Master.       Audience watching.      Meandering. 

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