August Breakdown

Mike says he's taking August off. Then, he surprisingly sticks around for the whole show! He tells a great Massa story. We discuss a bunch of different topics including: movies, the Prohibition, Spike and the Grateful Dead.

Mike's taking August off.     Best Show talk: Stevie Blue and Captain Jack.   
Saint Stephen Gaskin buys the Farm.
I.R.S. talk.     Fredericks' political strategy.      Simpsons talk.     Racist little Rascals.     Massa's movie talk.    
 Great Massa's story: Violent Guy's Are Sentimental.

      Spike is following Mike.      GRATEFUL DEAD!     Sorry about the spying.     Net Ann Yahoo.        
 Prohibition and a successful insanity defense.       Fredericks' first Best Show call.      
Mike is excited about the new James Brown movie.     
Best Show calls includes: Stan breaks up. I hear bitching going on? Fredericks' fantasy. Mike's revelation.   

James Brown.    

 Michael Jackson's duck butter.  Celebopeds.     Weird, British open secret: pedophilia.       You're not supposed to call it "marijuana".        

Drug legalization.       Why do you edit these things?
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