The Right unites to fight to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee  that he wouldn't have wanted. Antifascists use violence to resist those promoting violence. Sure punching Nazis seems like fun, it is not very creative. Absurdism and satire may be a better approach.



Robert E. Lee on Civil War monuments.         Trump and the White-Nationalist code.


Sean Patrick Nielsen (WVTF/Radio IQ).         David Duke,        Ronald Reagan.


Blood and soil.     No Nazis.      False equivalency.        We are Alt-Right.


Justice delivered.     Unite us.     They hate dishonest people.     I hit them.


Jews will not replace us.      HATE.       Hatred and violence has America.


Killing Jews.     Donald Trump is evil.       Condemn Obama.      Anarchists.


Honest media.         Antifa.       Punching Nazis = fun not creative.     


Thanks to WTVF/Radio IQ, PBS Newshour, MSNBC, Brennan Gilmore (filmed car attack).

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