Dropping Like Flies

This was truly a wild one. Kormodd gets kicked around a bit. Dave stages a Cyber-Pirate attack. Mike throws people out of Massa’s and uses movies to comfort the survivors of the guy he killed. Tons of movie talk. P.C. loves Sarah and Dinosaur Jr., while, tiring of Sonic Youth and their shenanigans.  Fredericks’ joke falls flat.




Capitalist prostitution.           Scotland’s independence.       ISIS/ISIL talk.


9/11 and the Saudis (band name?).       Political Islam.                                                        


Mike joins us to talk about L.B.J. and Billie Sol Estes.


They’re dropping like flies at Massa’s: The Sleeper and Dog Fucker bite the dust.     


Suicide drinking.     Massa’a movie: The Russians Are Coming.      


 More movie talk- Scorsese and Tarantino get judged.          The Supreme Court.


Golf.     The Year Punk Broke,        


 Kormodd takes Stan down (?) and recommends Border Radio.


“Our original course must have been in error.”    


 Dave from Knoxville                    Sarah: best Best Show caller of all time?


Dave returns.      Mike returns.      T.V. talk.    Movie talk.        Prescription drugs.  


“Can you believe what they show on T.V. these days? “      “It’s of kind of a cult.”


 Weird pre-game football.         The medium changes the message.           JESUS!


Fredericks’ failed joke.         Why would you listen to this?      


 The bottle rocket that broke the camel’s spine.            Actions have consequences.


P.C Mike takes down Gene Simmons.              Thanks for Bitslap.     


The future of Mike’s Skype Thing.         A closing thing to make you paranoid.


Last words.

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