Duke of Bores

This was a fun one. Cory claims to have poured beer on Todd Rungrend, Mike's movies go south, but his work situation is improving slightly. We discuss Satryicon, thieving friends, Fredericks' shelf,  Doukhobors and much, much more.

Utopia = Cory and Todd,      Talking behind Kormodd’s back,


Fish in the rain-barrel,      Satyricon,     N.Y.U.,        P.C. Mike’s crime report,     


Thieving friends,       The end of the world,       Dougald’s coming to Florida,    


 Tech problems disrupt Massa’s movie,    Mike is an outsider in Bayonne,


 Massa’s stories include profanity and “The Moush” which leads us into a discussion of bullshit artists and breaking donkey ribs,   


Fredericks’ shelf,            Mike’s cousin looks miserable,         


Airplanes> UFO talk,         Canada has a long history of weirdness,       


Doukhobors,           Burning Man,        Leapers, Gapers, Shakers, Quakers,              


Snowden anti-government?,    No scientific revolution in the East,       Little Putin,    


Mike misses his nap, then talks about bedbugs,        Mike’s work situation is improving,  


Tax advice,        New Port Richey,           Vermin Supreme,  


 Politics in Florida,      Corporatism,        Sarah,      The future of Mike’s Skype Thing.

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