Facts Mean Nothing

Started this episode the first week of the new year. "Finished" it in the third week. Didn't mention Lev Parnas simply because I had to draw a line somewhere. Mostly drew from the impeachment proceedings and a little bit from the Iran fiasco.


Welcome to 2020.       What is truth?        Destroy truth rule by spectacle.


Facebook promotes falsehoods.      News from advertisers?      Iran disaster.


Fighter jets.     Truth isn't truth.        The Depravity.


Destruction of truth.     Facts mean nothing.     The clock and the calendar.


Let the voters decide?        That happened!     Jeff from New Port Richey.


Somebody's version of the truth.


Thanks to C-Span, WMNF's Rob Lorei and Radioactivity, Buzzfeed and the Tampa Bay Times for material and inspiration.


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