Fear Itself

Fear, terror, phobia however you describe it seems like many people are caught up in its grip. Thanks to Trump's tongue and ISIS' actions, I haven't been able stop thinking about the effects of fear. I almost used parts of a previous podcast, but there was no need. I found fear nearly everywhere I turned.

Should we be afraid of....?     War on terror: they're doing it on purpose.       New America statistics with updates.

"Do You Understand?" featuring Alex Jones.         A new party?        

Misinformation on Parade (includes ISIS, Ebola, Jade Helm, Vaccines,  Artificial intelligence).   

The Trump solution: kill.              Maranatha.

Satan work is slick.       Simplistic  solution: Guns!        Blow up an asteroid.         Edward R. Murrow.           F.D.R.: Fear Itself.

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