Since my last episode the president was impeached by the House, but found not guilty by the Senate. Apparently, he was guilty, but not guilty enough.  As that process was playing out, a novel Coronavirus was making its way across the globe. It's made its way to the United States and it has led to an unprecedented national response. Now a large portion of our country is spending most of their time at home and we're trying to keep a safe distance from each other and we're disinfecting everything we come in contact with.


Guilty, but not guilty.      The Senate obstructs justice.      


If the president does it, it's not a crime.       Maybe the truth is not important.


Lying gets the job done.      Covid 19 from Coronavirus.      We need a leader.


Draining the competence.       Bryant Culpepper and the hair dryer cure.


Terrible.      Looking for answers..     


It may work.           What the hell do you have to lose?      


May kill you.          One good thing.



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