Everytime I post an episode, I feel like I'm abandoning it rather than finishing it. This one in particular. Trumpian intrigue seems unending. Sure, he's president and we should be paying attention to what he says, but what he is saying is mostly absurd. What are the tweets and Sean Spicer distracting us from. Today, Spicer labeled Propublica, one of the best investigative groups working in the English language, "a left-wing blog." What is the administration attempting to hide? I'll give you my answer in collage form.


Business with the Russians.       Very interesting fascists.       Fascists to the forefront.      


He's not joking.        Russian connections.       Hold on, butty but.      


I'm afraid to understand intellegent crickets.       I have connections.


Seems like I'm answering facts.          I'm a fascist.

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