Loose Cannon

A delightful chat abruptly ended by an undercharged recorder. Rich people are discussed-including Mike's Bill Gates connection-as are Spike, Stalin and Mike's manager. Mike asks a couple science questions that we try our best to answer. We also cover a bunch of other stuff.

Picking on puppets,     Burger King moves to Canada,     Rich people talk,     Stalin's Koch connection,     Mike is multi-tasking,
The Bill Gates connection,     The Libor scandal,     ISIS,    The Abrahamic god- he is who he is,     Science question #1,     
Mike is an angst inducing loose cannon,      Science question #2,     Brian talks about his gonzo lawyer mentor.     
P.C. Mike joins to update us on Spike's social media activities,     Watching people die,     According to Cory, "Kormodd's the worst," 

Mike returns and movie talk ensues. Titles discussed include: Greed, Exterminating Angel, Anchor Man.     

Music talk: Records you've bought but don't listen to, Beating up Johnny Thunders, G.G. Allin,      The battery dies.......
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