Mackro Makes The Scene

Another last minute gathering. We do welcome newcomer Mackro who shares his plans for a project focusing on the music of 1970. We talk weather, politics and A.P. Mike's creative output along with a bunch of other things.

Mackro and me.        A critical discussion of A.P. Mike's latest creative projects.           Brian has tech issues.      
 Talking weather and daylight.      Seattle.     Pike's Place.       The presidential election featuring Donald Trump.    
 Where is the Rock and Roll?      Dance To This Song 
Macko's plans.      Finding music through comedy vines.       "Robert's gonna have a seizure!"   

Music festivals and arena shows.      Music of 1970.      Mackro's disco confession.      

Robert Christgau hated Black Sabbath.        Climate change.       Farewells.

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