President Carnage

Not as jaded as I feared, because when confronted by the introduction of a  blatant authoritarian kleptocracy, I do feel quite disappointed in many of my fellow Americans. More than likely we'll survive this final kick from the dying horse of amoral capitalism.


President Carnage.         The hypnotist's spinning wheel.        What the hell is going on?          


Alternative facts and fake news.          The Bully (thanks Masha Geseen). 


 A warning has been issued.             Ay.                         


Narcissistic personality disorder.                      The use of vagueness.       


Illusion.          Punish the powerless.    


Bomb and ban policy.            Charlie the Plumber.         Power.       


Let common-sense talk on the phone.               Take heart and look to the sun.


Thanks to ABC and NPR for the audio clips.

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