This may be my favorite Mike's Skype Thing episode, thus far. Stan spends the show rapidly cycling between rage and love. P.C. Mike explains old cartoons to Epic Soundtracks. A.P. Mike tells a harrowing tale about a jogging accident. We talk about Native Americans in Canada.  Other topics include: Nazis, Russia, Kevin Smith and Dave Emory.  Fredericks dishes dirt on a Ramones’ song. Mike talks about living in a Joseph Heller novel. He also explains Post-Micturition Dribble. Stan threatens everyone.


Cagey Mike talks about more things in the wings.        Pepe Le Pew.       Mike’s accident.


Epic’s advice.       The Both on Sound Opinions.          The birthday boy arrives.    


Nazi Muslims.     Ramones story.     Ammunition.     Mike shows Patton at Massa’s. 


Movie talk.     Mike’s manager.       Massa’s tales.        Kevin Smith.     


Mike’s going on another cruise.     Best Show talk.     Squirrels of Anarchy.     


Dougald arrives.     “Are you all hammered up?”       “I’ll miss you idiots.”


Dougald recounts his first call to the Best Show.        Fredericks tells a GonerFest story.      Trailer Park Boys.


 P.C. Mike’s continuing torment of Joe Perry.     Future plans.


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