Socially Lubricated

This show flows atop a sea of alcohol. And while it gets loose, it never falls completely apart. Although A.P. Mike does get tossed overboard several times.

Kormodd's alcohol mistake.       It's P.C. Mike's birthday.         Mike bails.       The perfect Aryan baby.           Mike's personal information.        

Movie talk- The Godfather, Long Goodbye.         Dougald arrives/leaves.        John Lennon.      Todd Glass' advisers.       Hipsters and bikes.        

What does this mean?        Stan explains the Palestinian problem.     Hearty White talk.     Mike bails, again.     Mike's work situation.     Kayaking.  
Kormodd is kind of doughy.     Cheech and Chong.        Exposed weapons vs. exposed breasts.     P.C.'s neighbors.      Jazz talk.     P.C.'s life expectancy.

"Kormodd will kill us all in the end."       Exercise and diet.
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