In this episode, we spend a good deal of time talking about music and movies. That doesn't prevent us from also discussing Best Show calls, award shows and street sleepers. Mike teases us with Best Show secret projects. Fredericks offers relaxation techniques. Brian shares a disturbing tale involving a communication tech.

Yinka Adeshina for Governor 2014!        Street sleepers.     Another Best Show secret project.     Best Show is returning soon.     

Massa'a movie talk.     Music talk includes Kinks vs. Stones.     Award shows.     

Germany is getting capitalism right.        Magic Christian.          P.C. Mike recounts a Best Show call.    

Beatles talk.      Hee Haw's surprising longevity.      Brian's college disorientation.     "He didn't flush!"

Relaxation techniques.      Dave Hill is a good guy.      Antidepressants/depression.     Mike departs.       Shopping styles.

Kormodd's journey into history.      Album covers.      First Records.     H. Jon Benjamin.     Dead Dog's Eyeball.   
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