This is a long one, some people showed up late, and I didn't want to be rude by ending the show. Besides, Mike was fully engaged. Tons of topics are discussed. The events in Ferguson, Mo. are covered, as are, John Popper's taunting tweets The Best Show, Mike's work, movies, even Zach Galifianakis' Christmas party.   It moves right along.

Best Show is not back, yet.     "Always the bad one'"         Mike's work situation is not improving,          Mike loses his patience,   
  Waiting for Mike.       John Popper vs. The F.O.T.      Gene Simmons on Twitter,       Florida's governor's race.      Reading in dreams,

Ferguson talk.         Mike returns and tells us about his movie time at Massa's.        MIke's Best Show commuting history- definitely not boring.     
Zach Galifiankis' Christmas party.         Mike's acting career.     Rick Perlstein's Invisible Bridge,          Dave from Knoxville makes it in. 

Ken Burns movies,        T.V. talk includes: Treme, Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex.       Bluegrass rock,    Bad Grandpa,            

Mike's girlfriend,           Breading boy gets fat.           Dave from Knoxville tells us Don Pardo is dead and gives us some updates.

Robin Williams is dead, too.         Soul losing thievery.              
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