The Firing of History

It is disturbing to feel the pull of the impending political crisis on one’s attention. Every attempt to turn one's attention away for any  length of time fails. It seems like we’ve entered a transitional time and the outcome(s) could be dire. Looking away feels like complicity.

Russian interference: not just smoke. Comey's firing. Putin’s disinformation technique.

Trump and Russians. Trump’s attraction to powerful men. The Big Story.

Russian relations. No Fuzz. They’re laughing at us. Punch ladies in the face.

Firing history. Russians very powerful. Am I stupid? New FBI director.

Never stop fighting. American anger. Wreak the world.

Russian uniform. Illegal. Look at how I give up. Bad situation.

Pence really bad. Give up.

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with Tom Ashbrook (NPR), The Minutemen-Paranoid Chant.

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