The Jungian Switch

Despite my starting out of the tent (fort), this episode recovers and leads us careening through a variety of subjects. Florida makes several appearances and Mike and Spike bring the smut. We, verbally, visit the Middle East, Massa's and the back room of the Best Show. Foreshortened due to a glitch in my new mp3 converter. "I don't care, you win some; you lose some."

Out of the tent (it's a fort!).       Natural law.       James Mellon: Tax avoider.     Florida murder talk.     The Mush.        Florida's governors race.

Standardized education scam.      Who's making the money?           New World Order.        Bobcat talk.       Selling weapons.

New Port Richey,     The porn industry is going south.       Spike goes to the museum.     Magical Misery Tour.     Massa's movie talk.

The Jungian switch.        Cronenberg movies.     Smutty type stuff.      Stan sounds like a damaged robot.    

Some people need to be murdered.                        Best Show talk (off the record).

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