As the Best Show returns, Tom stops by and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes. We were just doing our usual Mike Skype thing when Tom Scharpling shows up and talks not texts. Later, he pots us down and ruins the show.

Things start slow, but the gang slowly arrives.     

Tom visited Cory’s show (     

Mike recounts his latest visit to the new studio.           


The thieving Massa's guy is still missing with the money.

Brian and Mike urge Tom to join us.        dBs talk.

Chuck Berry.        P.C. and Epic show up.     Mike knows some things.

Tom’s Jon Solomon interview discussed.     

 P.C. recounts the development of his musical taste, at length.  

 Musicians Tom has ruined your enjoyment of includes Waits, Zappa, Lennon.

Rock and Roll Circus.             Holy Modal Rounders/Fugs.          Chuck Berry.

Tom shows up.     We meet Jason Gore.             LOST CONTACT!

P.C. puts Tom on the hot seat.     McCartney talk.          Zappa/Beefheart talk.

Tom loves our club!          Super secret behind the scenes studio chatter.

Tom pots us down and ruins our show.      We get the number.

Going out on a whimper not a bang.

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