Touch Me, AP Mike

Touch Me, AP Mike

A spur of the moment Skype gathering. We welcome some new people, reacquaint ourselves with some newer people and talk to some old people.

Jeff  and D.C. Pat.         Mike is done eating.      Randy Newman’s prescient. 

John Waters movies,      Mike hates Robert Christgau’s memoir.     

Dougald popped his Canadian head in.     Mike’s job situation.      

Writing books: Blood Trail, Lamentations and The Manny.       Bootlegging.         Bibliophiles.       

Corporate scams.     Shoplifting.     Early deaths.      Massa’s update.     Best Show talk.    

Skype thing excluded!     Dead Dad’s Club review.     Black comedians.     Dock Ellis.    

 WFMU Record Fair.   


Pat Byrne talks music:  Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses) and Chad Clark (Beauty Pill).

Book talk.        Mike’s possible new career path.          Politics.     

 Stan shows up and Dougald rejoins conversation.      Weather talk.     Back to Randy Newman.

Wildlife: deer and coyote.        Sneaking around at Massa’s doesn’t work.       Touch Me, AP Mike.

Fair Use discussion.     Canadian idioms.       Euphemisms. 


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