This one took forever. Don't know whether it was the topic or the timing, but I felt like i was looking for water in the middle of the ocean. It was everywhere and, frankly, overwhelming.


What the hell is going on?        The expanding topic.          Infopocalypse.           Computer generated opinions.  


Russian bots/trolls.         M.I.T. study Twitterbots.          Humans prefer the inaccurate.


Facebook problem.         Algorithmic anomaly.         Misinformation uptick featuring The Russians.


Make America hurt itself again.         Internet Research Agency.          Number One Tricky.


Tim and Mark are sorry.      Cambridge Analytica.         Three most influential fake stories. 


Alex Jones and Sandy Hook.          Destroy truth and rule by spectacle.         Newspapers not Bots.


Facebook takes steps to reduce inaccuracy, it back fires.


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