Lately, whenever I cast my inspiration net, I come up with mostly Trumpian topics. This disturbs me, because I am certain many other things are happening. However, I must work with what I catch. So here it is.  

For future episodes I may have to shift from net casting to hunting mode.


What you are seeing is not happening.       Not the truth.        Putin powerful.


Believe fake crap.      Stick with us.       Corporate criminal iceberg.


I admit it: Trump admits Russian meddling.         The problem is the president.


I don't need this country; I can buy anything.     Usless and petty.


Not the truth.     Flipping.       Hey, Putin, that's a lot of money.


Make up lies.      More crazy than Lincoln.      Trump in Tampa.


Sessions knows Russians.     Nobody knew.


Crazy excuse for a president.       Space Force. 


I know all about...


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