Where is the Middle Ground?

For two months, I’ve been struggling with this topic and as I prepare to post this episode, I don’t feel I’ve reached a suitable conclusion.
Emotion and reason don’t have to be at odds, do they? Mustn’t there exist a middle ground where two sides can reach a compromise? Is compromise possible if one side claims to hold certain ideals and values and then casually discards them as the political winds change direction?
Is a fruitful conversation possible when one party argues disingenuously?



Quote from Daniel Patrick Moynihan.           Quote from Ronald Reagan.     

Arms for hostages.      Facts and evidence don’t matter.           The emotional response.

Deciduous values.          American Conservatism is not based on politics.

Two sides of Lindsey Graham.           Nicole Hemmer- Miller Center.

Where's the middle ground with racists, anti-vaxxers, flat-Earthers, man-made climate change deniers?

Science is a conspiracy.             How to negotiate a compromise.

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